There are many reasons to write. I’ve been thinking about a few today, and they all begin with the letter E.

ENTERTAINMENT — There is absolutely nothing wrong with entertaining the reader. With today’s economic, social, political and international pressures, we need entertainment more than ever just to forget what we heard about on the evening news. Entertainment also serves as the main vehicle for the other reasons that follow.

EDUCATION — It’s always good to teach the reader new things, even things they didn’t know they wanted to know. Those facts are best hidden in the guise of entertainment, too. Walt Disney believed the best way to educate people was through entertainment. Hence, the movie Bambi. That movie was about the dangers of irresponsible use of fire in a forest. It ended up being about hunting, but that was an unforeseen side effect. It worked.

ENLIGHTENMENT — I think it’s different from education. Education presents new facts that the reader doesn’t know. Enlightenment stimulates the mind to think about things the reader already knows. For instance, the education in Fahrenheit 451 was the potential threat of a fascist government, while the enlightenment was the importance of reading, especially in its absence.

EDIFICATION — I would call this emotional enlightenment. The reader just feels good after reading something satisfying.

ECONOMICS — And what is wrong with money?


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