My Book Inventory

I took an inventory of all our books. Mostly, I did it out of curiosity, but it also serves an important insurance purpose. We never know when a catastrophe will strike and we lose some of our belongings. We do live in Texas and there is a tornado factory right down the road, you know. Now, we have a list should we need to decide what to replace.

I won’t bore you by printing the entire list, but the bulk numbers are intriguing. They say something about our reading habits and personal tastes.

Here is a breakdown of the books we own (at least, as of today):

Fantasy = 135 books

Magic = 73 books

Literature = 59 books

History = 54 books

Art = 40 books

Humor = 21 books

Sexuality = 18 books

Mystery = 12 books

Cooking = 12 books

Theology = 11 books

Reference = 7 books

Miscellaneous* = 40 books

* A catch-all category for things such as five exercise books, two Texas tree guides, a couple of German and French dictionaries, and The World of Pooh.

Grand Total = 481 books.

This figure does not include our antique books, old family Bibles, and high school yearbooks. Those have sentimental value and could not be replaced. Add them in, and the total increases by twenty.

That isn’t really a tremendously large personal library. We do, however, live in a small one-bedroom apartment. Just wait until we buy a house!

4 thoughts on “My Book Inventory

  1. I would note the that sexuality ranks higher than reference and theology.

    If it were mine and I still had all my books, my library would be nearly entirely comprised of sacred texts and barnes & noble classics (which sounds nifty) but primarily Animorphs (which doesnt).

    • Heh! I didn’t inventory all the Bibles. It’s one title, but about five different translations, and a whole bunch of our children’s Bibles and my parents’ and Trish’s great grandfathers. How do you inventory them without skewing the results?

      Hey, Barnes and Noble Classics are awesome. My H.P. Lovecraft is a B&N Classic. The only place I can get all the man’s fiction and still only pay $7. My kind of money.

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