Continuity Conundrums!

Well over a year ago, I wrote a post about the importance of bibles, those character dossiers full of background information and outlined stories that help prevent continuity issues. I wrote three nice thick ones on all my characters. Unfortunately, I wrote nothing about the magical realm they inhabit from time to time.

That almost chomped my posteriors!

In the The Valley of the Mystic Moon (the first Aura Lockhaven book), I mentioned that the valley is 200 feet deep. I know, that isn’t much of a valley, but the setting is southern England, and they don’t have Grand Canyons there, so I thought it was deep enough. In The Fires of Tollenburgh Hall, the second book and the one I’m currently writing, I describe Aura’s tour of the Citadel, the capital of her new magical order. The spire is 200 feet tall. That’s as tall as the whole valley! That’s what I get for drawing a map, and not writing a three dimensional description! Fortunately, the first book is still baking and undergoing a final revision, so I can change the valley’s depth to 1,000 feet. If I had already submitted the first book to the publisher, I would have either been stuck with an oversized drainage ditch for a magical realm, or been forced to commit a deliberate breach of continuity.

So, I reiterate. Bibles are important! Don’t forget an in depth description of your fictional realm! It is probably a good idea to include dossiers of armor, weapons, animals, and anything else you can think of, too.

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