Leopard Girl

leopard girl


In 1957, Anvil Studios wanted to move up from the B list. For their next feature film, Leopard Girl, the studio decided to go on location and film the movie in color. To play the title character, studio head Max Ehrgeiz hired screen scream queen Jane Syren, the actress with the fullest range of talent, and fullest figure, he could afford. Ehrgeiz mortgaged his assets (a run down Culver City helmet painting plant from WWII turned into a movie studio, and a 1950 Studebaker Landcruiser) and set out to film the greatest jungle mammaries-and-muscles exploitation movie ever committed to acetate (to that point).

While it only played at drive-in theatres, Leopard Girl was a modest success. The future looked good for Anvil. However, Ehrgeiz’s partner absconded with the profits and co-star Tawny Maylons. Anvil Studios declared bankruptcy. Leopard Girl vanished, with all known copies sold to pay the studio’s debts, and melted down into picks by Running Board Guitars. The film lived on as only a fond memory in the minds of those who saw it. Unbeknownst to anyone, much less himself, mad film collector Cranston Bungalow tossed a full copy of the film into the back of his vault. In 2013, his grandson found it.

Now, after 57 years, Leopard Girl is back in all her exploitative glory. Action! Adventure! Suspense! Thrills! Big breasts! Bigger biceps! Gorillas with machine guns! Starring Jane Syren as Melissa the Leopard Girl. Also starring Hunk Miller as James Manly. Co-starring Tawny Maylons, Chuck Lee, Rip Shred, Sue Kleevidge, and Jack Vanes. Featuring Spike Cage as Rutherford the Gorilla. Introducing Bob the Leopard. Directed by Tommy MacNude. Music by Lawrence Conch and the Burbank Philharmonic Street Band. Available in DVD, VHS, and Betamax.

DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro -> Reality 2.5 -> Luxrender 1.3. 24 hour bake. Almost clean render (I had to touch up the ape’s shoulder in GIMP).

Click the image to see it full sized.

I just felt like doing something silly. Like several other renders I did for fun, this one has inspired a story.


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