Happy 2015


The ladies are headed out to join the gents at Merlin’s Oak Tree Lounge to celebrate New Year’s Eve. They will enjoy much drinking, engage in not a little necking, drop the crystal ball (literally), and end with an illegal amount of fire, smoke, and noise (you know how magical folk are). Before they depart, enchantresses Aura Lockhaven, Karyn Kriger, and Miriam Faynne conjure up a golden 2015 for you. Elisabeth Lovejoy is a soldier, so she guards the booze. Perhaps she ought to pay more attention to her charge and less to the spell. It seems Aura’s dragon familiar prefers the taste of 2014. Inside a dragon’s fiery bowels may be a fitting end for a troublesome year.

Happy 2015.

May it be a blessed, magical, and joyous year for us all.

DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro -> Reality 2.5 -> Luxrender 1.3. 1,500 s/P, 12 hours. Clean render. Preparatory work in Hexagon 2.5, GIMP 2.8, and ShaderMap 2.

When the ladies heard I had these cool club dresses laying around, they demanded to break “historical” continuity and wear them for New Year’s Eve. The guys would have made an appearance, but I don’t have any decent suits (not unlike my own closet).

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