Working Late

working_late“Please, Lady Aura!” Milly begged.

Aura Lockhaven frowned. “I’m reluctant to make love potions. They’re too manipulative.”

“Oh, it isn’t for him,” Milly said. “It’s for me.”

“If you don’t love him, why are you marrying him!” Aura snapped.

“He’s wonderful. He treats me like a princess. He’s kind, generous, loyal, attentive. He makes me laugh. I just want to make sure I love him as much as he loves me.”

“It sounds like you already love him,” Aura said, smiling. “Oh, all right. I don’t see any harm. When is the wedding?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro -> Reality 4 -> Luxrender 1.3 -> GIMP 2.8.

Preliminary work in GIMP, Hexagon 2.5, and ShaderMap 2.

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