Henry and Aura

henry and auraIntroducing Henry Lockhaven, the town of Hartshorn’s favorite, and wealthiest, tavern owner. Henry will be our intrepid host and fearless narrator for the Tales of the Sarethian Seven graphic novels. Also introducing his ten year old daughter, Aura, who may be the most formidable and demanding audience he has tried to entertain.

“Now, really, Daddy,” Aura said. “You’ve told that tale before, only it was Noishante not Yveramore, the merchant wore blue not red, he rode a donkey not a horse, it happened in Harion not northern Karpi, and –”

“Do you want to tell this tale, young lady?” Henry snapped.

“No, I rather enjoy hearing you tell it. Your tale is like your ale. Do try harder to get it right,” Aura replied.

“Aura, dearest, sweetest, youngest child of mine. Did you learn this attitude from your brother or your sister?”

“I learned it from you, Daddy.”

“Oh. Right you are. Carry on, then.”

DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro -> Reality 4 -> Luxrender 1.3.

This will be an interesting series of stories, as Henry has been dead ten years in the written Aura novels. So, not only will the graphic novels serve as stories of the Sarethian Seven, but they will also serve as Aura’s backstory.

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