Meriem Cooper, the curvaceous, Cretaceous Cavewoman. And Klyde, of course. A tribute to Budd Root.

DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro -> Reality 4.2 -> Luxrender 1.5.

Preliminary work in GIMP 2.8, Hexagon 2.5, and ShaderMap 2.

I don’t usually do fan art. It just ain’t my bag, man. However, after creating Jenny here (she replaces Allyson, who handled the bulk of my non-Aura 3D work in 2015 but has been permanently assigned to the cast of Dandelions), I noticed how much she resembles Budd Root’s Meriem Cooper. So, I thought, why not. Let’s have some fun! Too bad the dinosaurs on Renderosity are outside of my budget.

Jenny is a custom morphed V6HD, with Addy’s Valerie for V6 head. Her skin is modified Ashleigh for V4 by Vyktohria. That set has a wonderful optional tanline map that Jenny will wear in future scenes. Yeah, I know. The French manicure is a bit much, but let’s just say Meriem had a makeover before going hunting today. Besides, Jenny refused to remove the nail varnish for just one render. The bikini began life as Mada’s Jungle Girl for G2F, fitted with custom trans maps and new texture maps made with a free stock snake skin. As for the teeth on the bikini, they came from the necklace. Hexagon is my friend.


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