Thoughts on Crowdfunding

My Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to self-publish A Path of Stones is seven days old. It has had twelve views, and two backers. That is disheartening. As the greatest momentum for a crowdfunding campaign occurs within the first 48 hours, this project was essentially stillborn.

I am reminded of two sayings. The first is, “When you reach the last page, close the book.” The second is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No point in being stupid about it.”

So, on December 1, I will suspend the campaign.

My two backers will still receive their goodies. Why not?

It was an interesting experience, and one I’m not likely to repeat.

Crowdfunding is a Millennial Generation concept. Those crazy kids are highly communal, and share everything. Crowdfunding is their way of saying, “Hey, come get involved in this cool project I’m doing!” They flock from one campaign to another, but that is their thing. It’s their way. I’m a Baby Buster. We’re far more individual, and are the loners of the named generations. I was raised with the belief that if I couldn’t make it on my own, then I didn’t deserve to make it. To me, crowdfunding is begging from my friends. I know it isn’t! But that’s what it feels like. I don’t like begging, much less from my friends.

Most of my friends don’t have $ 2 to donate to a crowdfunding campaign, much less $ 10. One close friend on Facebook was contemplating a crowdfunding campaign of her own, and felt a bit guilty. She mentioned a friend who was raising funds for an artistic project, and she felt bad that she couldn’t contribute. It doesn’t take much to realize she meant me. I won’t make my friends feel guilty! What kind of friend does that?

The campaign did force me to analyze budgets far more closely than I have, so it was not a total waste of time.

So, what are my alternatives now?

I only need $ 700, but it’s $ 700 I don’t have. The publication date for A Path of Stones will need to be moved from February 15 to June, 2017. I may have the funds by then. That is assuming we get a tax refund this year. Considering I can’t afford to buy health insurance, it is highly likely that the Obamacare opting-out tax will eat up all our refund. That may mean pushing the publication date back to 2018.

If that is the case, then I could forego Self Publishing, and pursue the Traditional route. Rapid accessibility to the book by the reader was one of the main reasons I wanted to Self Publish. 2018 would be the expected release date should I find an agent today who can find a publisher tomorrow. Given our current political landscape, and all the craziness that goes with both ends of the spectrum, Traditional Publishing opens a new kettle of worms. I’m not sure I want to peer inside that kettle, much less stick my hands in it.

The Universe wants this book written. It appears the Universe doesn’t care if it’s published or not.



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