Happy 2019; Goals for the Year

Happy 2019.

2018 was a fast year. And a disappointing one. I distinctly remember thinking last January 1, “I probably won’t do a darn thing this year.” And that’s exactly what I did. Nothing. Oh, I had my reasons. Most were rooted in my faulty adrenals. I was just too physically burned out to do much except stare out the window.

But I should have done something.

I hope 2019 is different.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Those are always forgotten by January 12, if it takes that long. I do, however, believe in goals. Those can be accomplished. Those are based on the long-in-the-tooth, but true, maxim “The journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.”

If I can do these every day, or even most days, then I can say on January 1, 2020, “Holy crap, 2019 was phenomenal!”

So, here we go!

1. Write 2,000 words per day on the Aura Lockhaven novels. That isn’t much. The average blog post is 1,000 words. It adds up. Just writing on week days, that adds up to 10,000 words per week. With 52 weeks in the year, that is 520,000 words. Or, five novels the size I like.

2. Work up two pages of Valkyria per week. Low balling that goal because a comic page is time consuming. But at least it’s progress and advances Katie’s story by 100 pages.

3. Make one fantasy high-level art piece per month. A reasonable goal. Fantasy is my favorite art genre, and I’ve neglected it.

4. Walk every day. Thirty minutes is ideal. I read about a man who lost 60 pounds, reversed a heart condition, and cured both high blood pressure and diabetes by walking 30 minutes a day for six months. The long, slow method to losing weight and getting in shape is the method that works, and lasts.

5. Ignore politics! I’ve allowed myself to get bogged down with politics lately. It’s a social construct. It isn’t real. Don’t believe me? Think about being stranding on an island, alone. What the Democrats and Republicans do is no longer relevant; only that next fish is. But we in America think it’s all too real, and it’s too distracting. So, while I have opinions, I’m not going to talk about them. That keeps the venom of politicians from seeping into my soul. Political opinions are also bad for business. I’m an entertainer, not a pundit.

6. Write one blog entry every week. I’ve been slack the past year. Sorry about that.

7. Read one chapter per night. I didn’t read a darn thing in 2018 that wasn’t on a computer screen. This comes from a man who lives with nearly 1,000 books.

Seven small single steps. They should all add up to a fantastic year.

Ban All Christmas Songs!

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” — That song is about rape. Ban it!

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” — Promotes bullying. Ban it!

“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” — A private individual giving away things? That’s the government’s job! Ban it!

“White Christmas.” — Obviously a song by the Ku Klux Klan. Ban it!

“Jingle Bells.” — Promotes violence against horses. Ban it!

“Frosty the Snow Man.” — Exploitation of a non-human. Ban it!

“Joy to the World.” — Promotes the privilege of the happy. Ban it!

“Oh Holy Night.” — Tribalist song with no inclusivity for other religions. Ban it!

“Santa Baby.” — Encourages women to depend on the Patriarchy. Ban it!

“Do They Know It’s Christmas.” — Rich white men colonizing the hungry of Africa. Ban it!

This is what happens when people whose heads are too full of sociological theories decide to become holiday music critics. Why do they bother listening? They don’t even celebrate Christmas. Oh … That’s it, isn’t it.

About Bill Maher

Apparently, the smug, self-important, and self-righteous so-called comedian doesn’t understand comic books.

But don’t worry, Bill. We question your legitimacy and relevancy, too.

The comic book is American Mythology. They’re our Zeus, Odin, Aphrodite, Shiva, Gilgamesh.

In the future, when we think back on 2018, we will still remember Stan Lee and what he brought to not just American culture, but world culture. It is said that America’s contributions to the world are Jazz and the Comic Book. Well, Stan Lee made the comic book dynamic and the superhero human. He will be remembered.

Bill Maher? Exactly what has he contributed to American culture? He will go the way of Rush Limbaugh, remembered about as often as Walter Winchell.


Religions put gods in boxes.

Governments put people in boxes.

Economics charges the gods and people for the boxes they’re forced to live in.

Education tells people that gods don’t exist, and that boxes are good places for people to live.

Entertainment paints the same picture on the inside of the box every week, and sells the same popcorn as last week, too.

News media tells the people they should want out of that box, and get into this prepared box over here.

Medicine gives people pills to mediate claustrophobia caused by living in boxes, but those pills cause anxiety, depression, and tumors, which require more pills to mediate.

Lawyers sue people for poking air holes in their boxes.

Science spends years studying the boxes, and then decrees they are made of cardboard, but not the same cardboard that was identified by that group of scientists ten years ago.

Music sings sad songs about people living in boxes, but then gets angry when the people sing those songs to themselves.

The Internet stirs things up by convincing people that all their box problems are caused by that bunch living in those boxes over there, so they should scream even louder and with less manners.

And this is called Society.

The true goal of life is to get out of the box, and ignore those who tell you to otherwise.

Aura Lockhaven Tactical

Over on DeviantArt, the Superheroine community recently hosted a Tactical Heroine Art Jam Challenge. Most superheroines wear skin-tight outfits designed to maximize movement in battle. But what if they wore body armor? I was tagged to participate, and the taggers wanted to see Aura Lockhaven.

That required some thought. Aura’s traditional red bikini serves a multitude of purposes. First, it’s sexy. Second, she is a nudist, but recognizes social customs. Third, it assists her power of seduction as an enchantress. Finally, it permits rapid movement. As a spellcaster, her best defense in a duel is to keep moving. That way, the opponent’s target keeps shifting. In a battle, her duties include serving as medium-range incendiary artillery, healer of the wounded, and counsel to generals. She darts from place to place.

Given Aura’s needs, the light-weight armor of the archer seemed best, instead of the heavy plate of sword or cavalry.

So, I present to you, Aura Lockhaven, Battle Mage.

Tactical Aura

The End of an Era

Hugh Hefner passed away today. He was 91.

Playboy was an institution, and so was Mr. Hefner. But it began dying when they took the staples out. It suffered catastrophic damage when Christie Hefner stepped down as CEO. Now, it’s just another lads mag, nothing like its robust creator had in mind when he was at the helm.

With Mr. Hefner dies the last embers of the Sexual Revolution. Unfortunately, the Prudes won.

The Mood of America

It is yet again, a day of An Eye for An Eye, and America is nearly blind.

In the past few days, the phenomenon that reared its hideous head last year during the election has grown enormous. Friends are now bitter enemies. Likeminded folk now spew the most vile words at each other. Those who are supposed to offer us hope only pour gasoline on the fire.

The United States of America, once the bastion of freedom and opportunity, is a nation mired in mutual hatred and wrath, ripping itself apart with the zeal of the self-righteous.

This cannot be laid at the feet of Donald Trump, as much as you Liberals may wish to do so. It cannot be laid at the feet of Barack Obama, as much as you Conservatives may wish to do so. It can only be laid at the feet of the one who started it all: YOU! ME!

This pattern of fury began decades ago. We did nothing to stop it. No, we fed it. The gloves and masks came off following 9/11. Again, we did nothing to stop it. Again, we fed it. I fear we are now passed the point of no return, when families willingly tear themselves asunder over politics and religion and who has sex with whom. We do nothing to stop that. No, we feed it yet again, by posting memes calling the other side violent and bloodthirsty and traitorous and ungodly and nazi and communist. Let the politicians and preachers wear those labels with pride. What are those vipers to us who do the real living, breathing, working, praying, playing, and dying in America? Yet, we fire those words at each other as so many broadsides from battleships, and do so with great glee.

We hate, in the name of love.

The next step is open war in the street. It is not long coming.

We are a nation committing suicide by strangling itself with its own hands.

Love is the only answer. Kindness is the only solution. Listening to others with an unjaundiced ear our only opportunity. Showing compassion to those who show us none is our only hope.

Is it too late to seek those answers and solutions?